Lawn Fertilization Service

fertilize healthy green lawnGrillo Landscape Solutions' professionally trained technicians create a balanced fertilizer for Northern Nevada soils. The correct blend of major and minor elements will increase the health of your lawn. Benefits of fertilizer include dense turf that maintains a deep green color and fights weeds. A key ingredient in fertilizer is Nitrogen, Grillo's technicians know the correct amount to apply to your lawn based on current conditions and time of year.

During the cool winter months, fertilizers with less nitrogen will be applied with a pre-emergent herbicide in order to help reduce spring and summer weeds. As the temperatures increase, the blends of Grillo Landscape Solution's fertilizers will continually change to give your grass the proper nutrients required to keep it vibrantly growing.

Questions from the field:

When should I fertilize my lawn?

The best time to fertilize depends on what kind of grass you have. It is important to fertilize before your grass enters its peak growing season. Contact Grillo Landscape Solutions for an estimate, their professionally licensed and trained technicians will apply a balanced fertilizer at its optimal time so your lawn can reach its full potential.

Grillo Landscape Solutions offers two options for fertilization in turf.

The first option (recommended) for best results is to sign up with Grillo's Lawn Maintenance Program. This yearly program traditionally begins in March and goes through October, weather permitting. Benefits of the program include:

  • Regular visits every 5 – 7 weeks by a professionally licensed and trained during the growing season.
  • Weed Control, Disease Control and Insect Control are included in the program.
  • Service guarantee, if at any time between treatments an issue is spotted, a Grillo Landscape Solutions licensed technician will schedule a service call at no additional charge.
  • An organic treatment can also be added on to a regular program for certain areas.

The second option is a onetime application applied by one of Grillo Landscape Solutions licensed technicians.

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