Weed Control - Defensible Space Services

How do I make sure my home is safe?

Grillo Landscape Solutions is always happy to come out and give you a free estimate and recommendation for fire prevention. Common fire prevention recommendations include:

  • Defensible Space Weed Spray approximately 6 feet away from your property line
  • We recommend clearing of the weeds, before the spray application is applied, however, this is not a service we provide. You would need to find another company to remove the weeds, we would put down the spray application, and continue a yearly spray maintenance program, to keep the weeds away. 

Questions from the field:

Why do I need to worry about defensible space?

It is always a good idea to ensure there is a proper amount of space around your home in case of fire. Here in Northern Nevada with our exceptionally dry climate this is especially true. We recommend a minimum of 3 feet from both your property and fencing. We always follow or surpass all local guidelines for fire safety. As the weed control application specialists, Grillo Landscape Solutions is very familiar with weeds in Northern Nevada and what is needed to keep the area around your home free of these weeds.

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