Weed Control and Application

weed control beforeOur Weed Control Program offers preventative and current weed control for dirt and rock areas. We can apply applications to flower beds or undeveloped areas. This service is done three times a year.

Grillo Landscape Solutions Professional Weed Control programs are all aimed to help you control any undesired weeds. The first step in our weed control program is to eliminate any existing weeds. We achieve this by physically clearing the weeds with mowers, weed eaters and by hand. Grillo then sprays these areas with a post emergent herbicide that will eradicate any undesired plants that are left. The last step is to apply a pre-emergent herbicide that will inhibit any further weed seed from germinating in the areas you desire to keep weed free. Common areas that our customers want to be weed free are:

  • weed control afterPastures
  • Open lots
  • Gravel pathways or driveways
  • Rock gardens
  • Fence Lines
  • Bark landscape beds
  • All landscape beds

This service should be done two to three times a year to guarantee any weeds in the treated areas. If at any time weeds occur in the treated areas, we will come out and perform a free service call and touch up.

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- Rita E.
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