Deep Root Fertilization

What is deep root fertilization?

tree fertilization deep rootBecause tree roots aren't at the surface, we inject fertilizer 6-18 inches deep to those plants lacking basic nutrients. This treatment is recommended twice a year.

Grillo Landscape Solutions Fertilization technicians can inject a combination of fertilizers, micro/macro nutrients and other beneficial microbes into the plant or trees root system with a soil injection probe. The benefits of deep root fertilization is the nutrients is placed in an optimum location for your trees and shrubs to uptake and absorb them faster and more effectively.

At Grillo Landscape Solutions we offer two options for deep root fertilization. The first option (recommended) for best results is to sign up with Grillo's Deep Root Fertilization program. The program traditionally includes two applications a year, one in the spring and the second in the fall. Benefits of the program include:

  • Regular visits every 5 – 7 weeks by a professionally licensed and trained during the growing season.
  • Fertilizer, Disease Control and Insect Control are included in each injection.
  • Licensed technicians take care of all existing insect control issues.
  • Service guarantee, if at any time between treatments an issue is spotted, a Grillo Landscape Solutions licensed technician will schedule a service call at no additional charge.
  • An organic treatment can also be added on to a regular program for certain areas.

The second option is a onetime spot treatment applied by one of Grillo Landscape Solutions licensed technicians on infested areas.

Questions from the field:

What types of trees and shrubs can deep root fertilization be applied to?

Grillo Landscape Solutions specially licensed and trained technicians can applied deep root fertilization to all types of shrubs and trees. If you are still unsure or want more information, give Grillo a call for a free consultation.

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