Grillo Landscape Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dormant Oil?

Oils kill exposed insects and mites by either suffocating them (covering up breathing tubes) or by directly penetrating the outside cuticle and destroying internal cells. Spraying trees with dormant oil after bud break and leaves have emerged will still control the pests, but it may kill the young leaves or cause leaf edges to turn black if the correct oil is not used at the proper rate.

Why should I hire a professional?

We know product guidelines, the regulations are constantly changing and we keep up to date with the most current industry information. We take continuing education courses. We know the correct times of the year to spray for maximum efficiency

Is it true my lawn can catch a lawn disease from someone else's, just from the mower?

Yes, Grillo ensures lawn disease is not transferred from one lawn to the next, we disinfect mowers, trimming and edging equipment so nothing is transferred. All technicians are properly trained in the best techniques to disinfect our equipment after each job.

What does Grillo's lawn care and maintenance program include?

Grillo Landscape Solutions lawn care program involves five applications each year, consisting of a custom balanced seasonal fertilization, weed, insect, and disease control mix.

How often does my lawn need to be mowed?

We offer mowing service either weekly or bi-weekly. Our price includes edging and trimming along with our mowing service. Give Grillo Landscape Solutions a call today to schedule your free estimate.

Why do you change mowing patterns?

At Grillo Landscape Solutions we care about the overall health of your lawn. As part of that effort we always change mowing patterns, this helps to prevent soil compaction and will keep your grass healthier. Compacted soil becomes less likely to allow water and nutrients to penetrate and cannot be used as well by your lawn or turf grass.

What is lawn aeration and why does my lawn need it?

Lawn aeration helps your lawn to breath, reduces thatch and water consumption, which allows for deeper root penetration. This will result in a greener, healthier lawn. Aeration is recommended for all lawn and turf areas. Throughout the year, the soil that contains your lawn's roots system is constantly being walked on and watered. The combination of these two things leads to soil compaction. Compacted soil becomes less likely to allow water and nutrients to penetrate and cannot be used as well by your lawn or turf grass.

How often should I have my lawn aerated?

Grillo Landscape Solutions recommends getting your lawn aerated once a year. Generally aeration is scheduled in the spring or fall, but can be done throughout the growing season as needed. If you are unsure, we are always happy to come out for a free evaluation and can make a better recommendation based on your lawn.

What is thatching?

Thatch is a naturally occurring part of a healthy lawn, thatch consists of leaves, stems and roots, some living, some dead. Thatch lies on top of the soil in a thick layer beneath the blades of grass

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