Lawn Mowing Services

lawn mowing serviceHow often does my lawn need to be mowed?

We offer mowing service either weekly or bi-weekly. Our price includes edging and trimming along with our mowing service. Give Grillo Landscape Solutions a call today to schedule your free estimate.

Grillo Landscape Solutions professional lawn mowing service provides comprehensive landscape maintenance services for your property. Whether you have a large Home Owners Association or a residential property, no landscape is too big or too small for our crews to maintain. We provide weekly or bi-weekly mowing and edging of all turf areas. We also very mowing patterns to reduce compaction of the soil.

Question from the field:

Why do you change mowing patterns?

At Grillo Landscape Solutions we care about the overall health of your lawn. As part of that effort we always change mowing patterns, this helps to prevent soil compaction and will keep your grass healthier. Compacted soil becomes less likely to allow water and nutrients to penetrate and cannot be used as well by your lawn or turf grass.

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"Thank you for doing such a great job on the pruning for my shrubs, it's the best it's ever been."
- Linda S.
"I have been a faithful client of Grillo Landscape Solutions for three years now and they do a great job of taking care of my lawn. I had a tree that was infested two years ago nearly killing the tree. I called Dave up and he was out there the next day tending to my tree. The tree is now healthier than it has ever been. I highly recommend Grillo's expertise to anyone."
- Cody
Nevada Landscape Association
ISA Certified Arborist
Grillo Landscape Solutions, Lawn Maintenance, Sparks, NV